Key Terminologies

IndigoCard Pay is a secure credit card service that offers users numerous financial services. The users can avail themselves of all the services only at Though the portal is secure for you to use, you must enroll yourself here.

IndigoCard Key Terminologies

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):- It stands for annual representation of the IndigoCard interest rate scale. Different scales on a credit card account can have unique APRs, e.g. Buy APR or prepaid APR.

Bankruptcy:- A legal process that assists IndigoCard customers and businesses eliminates their debts and pays their creditors. When users are available, the bankruptcy court will defend the respective users against certain actions during the bankruptcy process. It is one of the most important terminologies that a user needs to stay aware of.

Account Statement:- A printed record from the IndigoCard issuer records user transactions such as purchases, cash advances, declarations of interest, collections, credits, and payments.

Debt / Income Ratio:- This is the debt ratio, which incorporates credit card debt, to personal income. Many IndigoCard lenders consider a customer’s debt ratio when evaluating a loan.

Payment:- This is a simple term that states the amount you need to pay while purchasing. The official IndigoCard Login offers users a secure one-stop platform to make their payments with ease.

Services:- The Indigo Card Login is one of the best services that the user can use to avail of numerous financial services. The Login has been in action for years.

This portal provides the users with secure access to financial transactions and makes sure that there is an improvement in the credit score to a good extent.