Self Help

The IndigoCard Login is accompanied by numerous incredible features for the enrolled users. Once the user logs in, they can have full access to their finances with the utmost ease and security.

You can also check your account balance, sign up to receive electronic statements, make a payment, request a payment statement, transfer money, check your account transaction history, and more.

IndigoCard Customer Support

To request customer support in case of any issues with this portal, use the contact details that are published below:-

  • IndigoCard Customer Support Number – 1866-946-9545
  • The Toll-Free Number is available at 866-946-9545
  • If your card is lost/stolen, reach out to the customer support team at 888-260-4532
  • Fax helpline number: 503-268-4711

The IndigoCard Login is an official Platinum card available to cardholders on the road to successful credit management. With the help of the official Indigo Card Login, cardholders can easily register an account, access funds, and meet their daily requirements.

Be proud of your credit boost and let Indigo Platinum strengthen the same. Celtic Bank issues IndigoCard as a collective venture and affiliation with the official division of Genesis FS Card Services, Inc.

The IndigoCard Login is one of the most suitable options for users to enhance their credit scores and make sure that they don’t have to face issues arising from poor credit scores.

Many users are familiar with the account login process. Even if you are a new user, you can easily register on the official portal after reading our article.

IndigoCard is an official credit card authorized by Celtic Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Celtic Bank is a private bank licensed by the state of Utah. The Indigo Card Login portal is specially launched for people having low credit scores.

Credit card account holders can sign into their Indigo Card account at any time and from anywhere. All you have to do is get your credentials from the login portal, and you’re done.